Datacenters and Infrastructure

Tier.Net Technologies LLC owns its own hardware, network equipment, all supported by our in-house staff. While we have a presence at datacenters in Los Angeles (Peer 1 & Psychz), Las Vegas (Fiberhub), and Iowa (USSHC), our main USA East Coast datacenter locations are at the Segra Datacenters facility at 1612 Cross Beam Dr. Charlotte, NC 28217 and the TurnKey Internet facility at 175 Old Loudon Rd. Latham, NY 12110, our main USA West Coast datacenter location is at the Cascade Divide facility at 213 SW Columbia St Building B. Bend, OR 97702, and our main Central USA datacenter location is at the Psychz/Carrier-1 facility at 1515 Round Table Dr. Dallas, TX 75247.

Datacenter Specifications and Features – East Coast USA (Segra Datacenters Charlotte, NC)

  • Ample space allowing you continuous growth, reliable power with redundancy at every level ensures your services are always available, and multiple fiber networks keep your businesses accessible 24×7
  • 42,000 square feet secure data center space
  • Cabinets | Custom cages | Private suites
  • 24x7x365 Customer access
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center
  • 2.5 miles from Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  • Generous freight delivery areas | Numerous delivery docks/ramps
  • Secure storage in all facilities
  • Spacious parking for all facilities; convenient to front entrances
  • 4MW total power
  • AC + DC Centralized Power Barclay Systems
  • Onan diesel generators
  • High priority power grid
  • Overhead cable management and power distribution
  • Multiple environmental monitoring systems
  • Controlled temperature and humidity via redundant Liebert HVAC units
  • Biometric finger scanners | Badge/PIN access
  • 24x7x365 monitored video surveillance
  • Man traps with motion activated alarm notification
  • Combination lock cabinets
  • Low latency to the Eastern Seaboard of the US. 70ms to UK, 100ms to India.

Datacenter Specifications and Features – East Coast USA (Turnkey Internet Latham, NY)


  • 4,000 square feet secure data center space
  • Cabinets | Custom cages | Private suites
  • 24x7x365 Customer access
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center
  • Secure storage in all facilities
  • Former U.S. Government building made to U.S. Federal Government standards, with 1-foot thick concrete along the perimeter with added additional re-enforced walls and security enhancements.
  • Advanced security systems with infrared-based surveillance monitoring cameras.
  • 24x7 escorted on-site entry requiring photo ID
  • Advanced on-site roof-top solar array provides clean, pollution-free power.
  • Clean, renewable power is transmitted straight from New York's Niagara Falls Hydro-Electric system which is used to supplement the solar energy production.
  • On-site 2N Dedicated Diesel Generator System with fuel for 7+ days.
  • SSAE-16 Type II Certified
  • Selected by the EPA as an ENERGY STAR® Partner.
  • HIPAA Compliant, PCI DSS Compliant, Green Facility – Energy Star Certified.
  • In-rack temperature sensors regulate climate control via our Emerson precision spot-cooling systems.
  • State of the art fire detection and suppression systems including a fully integrated and automated FM-200 Fire Protection and Safety system.

Datacenter Specifications and Features – Central USA (Carrier-1/Psychz Dallas, TX)

  • This 106,866 square foot multi-million dollar facility provides Tier.Net clients with unmatched capacity and extremely reasonable multi-homed bandwidth pricing.
  • 60,000 square foot secure data center space
  • Cabinets | Custom cages | Private suites
  • 24x7x365 Customer access
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center
  • Up to 10MW of available power, diverse path utility feeds
  • All new infrastructure - No legacy, end-of-life or obsolete equipment
  • Carrier neutral, dark fiber to Equinix in Dallas Infomart
  • Access to any Tier-1 carrier available
  • Reinforced concrete roof with FM I-90 wind uplift rating
  • Documented entry, card-key access only, locking cages
  • 2x 2 Megawatt Cummins generator backup
  • 3x 600 Liebert kVA UPS in 2N+1 configuration
  • 12x 30-ton Liebert air-cooled units totaling 360 tons in N+2 configuration
  • 24x7x365 monitored video surveillance
  • Low latency to every point in North America and overseas.

Datacenter Specifications and Features - West Coast USA (Cascade Divide Bend, OR)


  • Tier.Net passes our power cost savings to you thanks to the Pacific Northwest location. Preimum bandwidth, N+1 Redundancy and lightning fast connections to West Coast USA and Asia/Pacific keep you focusing on what matters.
  • 14,400 square feet secure data center space
  • N+1 Power, Backup, and Cooling
  • Specifically optimized for high-density deployment
  • Diverse Fiber Infrastructure
  • Cabinets | Custom cages | Private suites
  • 24x7x365 Customer access
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center
  • Secure storage in all facilities
  • Alarm system with CCTV surveillance throughout the facility
  • Biometric finger scanners | Access cards
  • 24x7 escorted on-site entry
  • Redundant diesel generators
  • Carrier neutral
  • Key lock cabinets
  • Low latency to West Coast USA and Asia/Pacific

Datacenter Specifications and Features – Data Center New York (Staten Island , NY)

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  • Redundant commercial power feeds (10mW total available)
  • Static A and B UPS systems (up to 4700 kVA); N+1 configuration
  • Six diesel-powered generators (5,625 total kva); N+1 configuration
  • Leading and lagging output power factor without de-rating
  • 48-hour diesel fuel supply on-site; multi-vendors’ deliveries within 24 hours
  • Eight back up battery strings, handling full-power load for up to 15 minutes
  • Direct Access to the Telehouse New York International Interexchange, NYIIX
  • Two completely diverse fiber routes to/from site with diverse building entry paths
  • Dark fiber available
  • Up to 100GigE Peering interconnection point to NYIIX
  • DSR – IDF cabling infrastructure (virtual Meet-Me-Room) throughout building suites
  • Transport capability to major local carrier hotels
  • Multiple bandwidth & IP connectivity options
  • The Telehouse New York Data Center at 7 Teleport has redundant air-conditioning units (N+1) in place to ensure top quality continuity and reliability
  • Central monitoring for all HVAC systems
  • Telehouse New York Teleport provides pre-action sprinklers and halon or FM200 for fire suppression within the Data Center
  • Telehouse Teleport is also the home of our Customer Assistance Center (CAC)
  • The CAC is the control center for all Telehouse U.S. facilities and is staffed 24×7 with communications technicians and infrastructure engineers
  • Using our Telehouse Information Management System (TIMS), the CAC is able to track and monitor trouble tickets, deliveries, work projects, etc.

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